NEW Study By NESTLE Institute of Food Science Safety and Analytical Sciences


Screening Of Contaminants In Milk Fractions Using Rapid Testing

Considering that:

  • Transfer of veterinary drugs from fresh raw milk to milk powders or fractions during processing has been clearly evidenced;
  • Milk fractions are commonly traded agricultural commodities and extensively used for manufacturing finished products;
  • Complexity of the supply chain for processed ingredients increases the risk of contaminants ending into finished products.

There is a need at factory entry point to screen for contaminants in liquid milk but also in milk fractions using rapid testing.


Nestlé Institute of Food Science Safety and Analytical Sciences

This study widens the scope of EXTENSO

Nestlé Institute of Food Science Safety and Analytical Sciences just led to the conclusion that the EXTENSO platform is fit for purpose for a large number of milk fractions used for the manufacture of dairy finished products using 16 screening channels, and that EXTENSO allows to detect and discriminate for Melamine, Aflatoxin M1 and the majority of the antibiotics of interest in dairy industry.

EXTENSO from Unisensor is a new rapid, flexible and connected platform for the detection of chemical contaminants in fresh raw cow’s milk. More than 90 compounds including ß-Lactams, Tetracyclines, Aminoglycosides, Lincosamides, Macrolides, Quinolones, Sulfonamides, Chloramphenicol, Colistin, Melamine and Aflatoxin M1 can be detected in milk.

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