Typing Mastitis Could Save Milk And Money


Peter Plate & Liz BowlesAn Innovative Farmers field lab on organic dairy farms has cut antibiotic use in the treatment of mastitis by 24 per cent using on-farm ‘typing’ of the pathogens causing the infection, a technique which was successfully pioneered in the United States.

By quickly testing infected cows, farmers could pinpoint which strain of mastitis triggered the illness and treat accordingly.

The study sampled 78 out of 176 clinical cases of mastitis in participating herds over 18 months.

The results also showed that milk from the untreated cows could be returned to the bulk tank in just 4 days, an average 8.6 days less than those which were treated - saving time and money.

Furthermore, researchers identified some strains of mastitis are cured on their own when left untreated.


[Sources : innovativefarmers.org & farming.co.uk]