Unisensor Celebrates World Food Day


Celebrate those concerned with food security

World Food Day is celebrated every year in October in honor of the date of the founding of the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations in 1945. The day is celebrated widely by many other organisations concerned with food security.

World Food Day

This year’s theme - #WFD2017

This year’s theme – Change the future of migration. Invest in food security and rural development - is an occasion to highlight that by investing in sustainable rural development and agriculture, not only are we working towards Zero Hunger, but also addressing some of the major global challenges our world faces today: migration and displacement.

Improving Food Safety Since 20 Years

Since its foundation in 1997, Unisensor has been developing rapid testing solutions for the food security. We have built a strong expertise in the detection of contaminants by means of a unique multiplexing approach.

Unisensor was founded with the ambitious aim to better serve the food industry and to protect the consumers. We meet the farmer, laboratory and industry need with tailored products very simple to use and accessible to everybody.

Discover our rapid screening solutions to detect antibiotics, mycotoxins and food fraud in dairy, cereal, honey, feed, meat and seafood industries...

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