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AflaSensor Quanti (Milk) - KIT041v2

Ref : KIT041v2

Quantitative Rapid Test Detecting Aflatoxin M1 In Milk.

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Aflatoxin can be found in milk mostly due to high aflatoxin exposure through livestock feed.

Dairy products contamination with Aflatoxin M1 (AFM1is an important problem worldwide especially for developing countries., and especially for children and infants, who are more susceptible than adults.

In cattle, Aflatoxin B1 absorbed from contaminated food is metabolized in the liver to a 4-hydroxy derivative - called Aflatoxin M1 - which is excreted in milk in dairy animals (especially cows, sheep and goats). There is also a linear relationship between the concentration of AFM1 excreted and the amount of AFB1 ingested.

Strict regulations and adapting good storage practices in developed countries have minimized the contamination of AFM1 in milk and dairy products. The current advancements in analytical techniques have helped the law enforcement agencies to implement strict regulations. [Source]

AflaSensor helps you quantitatively detect the contamination of milk samples with Aflatoxin M1 molecules.

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