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EXTENSO has been certified NF VALIDATION by AFNOR Certification

The alternative method has been validated for the detection of on a broad range of antibiotics in raw commingled cows’ milk, according to the validation protocol for detection methods in food matrices of the NF VALIDATION mark, in its application to the food industry.

NF VALIDATION by AFNOR Certification

Following the positive agreement expressed on October 5", 2018, by the Technical Board of the NF VALIDATION mark (NF102), in its application to the food industry, the NF VALIDATION certification has been granted to Unisensor for the following alternative method:

Certificate reference No. EXT 39/01-10/18, with end of validity 25-Oct.-2022

The validation study has been performed according to Commission Decision 2002/657/EC, the CRL (Community Reference Laboratories) guidelines for the validation of screening methods for residues of veterinary medicines (Anon., 2010) and the NF VALIDATION protocol for detection methods for residues of veterinary drugs in food matrices (AFNOR Certification, 2017) and consistent with the ISO guideline (in preparation) (ISO, 2018).

Revolutionary Milk Analysis Platform

EXTENSO is an all-in-one multiplex, fast, easy and automated solution to detect simultaneously the major groups of antibiotic residues and toxins in milk.

Our solution consists of a multiplex assay (a biostick + reagent vials) in association with a connected device linked to a Collaborative Smart Manager.


Detect all main milk contaminants in one single test.


Choose any combination of contaminants to test amongst 131071 possibilities.


Only 13 minutes to get your results. EXTENSO helps you to take immediate action.


Remote access, multiple data export options, full traceability and automated actions.


More info about this product : https://unisensor.be/products/extenso