New Headquarters For Unisensor


By the end of 2017, Unisensor will settle in a brand new building located in the extension of the Sart-Tilman Science Park (Rue Louis Plescia) and tailored to our present and future needs.

New Building

It is a building of 3 levels comprising: 1000sqm of administrative and commercial offices as well as social premises, 1000m² of production and 1000m² in "research and development". As well as a storage volume of almost 400m².

ParkingThe emphasis was placed on the most harmonious integration in the current environment of the Scientific Park; With choices of natural materials; Reduced energy consumption (low-energy building, very neat insulation); And the installation of photovoltaic solar collectors on the entire roof.

All the Unisensor teams, currently located at the Wandre and Ougrée sites, will move to this brand new building in the course of 2017.



Unisensor was founded with the ambitious goal of better serving the food industry and protecting consumers. We are improving food security through rapid diagnostic solutions to detect antibiotics, mycotoxins and food fraud in the dairy, cereal, honey, animal feed, meat and seafood industries. Some of our products target individual compounds while others allow the simultaneous detection of all compounds from the same family or several families at a time. 

We meet the needs of farmers, laboratories and industry with tailor-made products that are easy to use and accessible to everyone. Our products are available in more than 50 countries thanks to an extensive network of local distributors.

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