HeatSensor® DUO - APP032

Incubator For Unisensor Rapid Tests


Incubator to guarantee that all Unisensor diagnostic tests got a fixed incubation temperature no matter what the ambient / operating temperature. Both incubators are a One Step Test Procedure.


  • Compatibility with all test kits from Unisensor.

  • HeatSensor® DUO is for maximum 2 tests at a time.

  • Self-timing with light and audio signal.

  • Countdown timer display.

  • Product’s specific program included.

  • Easy to use.


  • Rapid
  • Easily Performed On Site Or In The Lab
    User-Friendly Easily Performed On Site Or In The Lab
  • Reliable And Robust

Good to know

Specific program : select the right program and place the dipstick.

Automatic : the dipstick falls down automatically into the microwell after the first incubation time.

How to use

  1. Connect the heatsensor duo to the power supply.

  2. Turn on the heatsensor duo (switch on the back of the device).

  3. Select the “AFL” program.

  4. If the “AFL” program is not already selected, choose the right program (AFL) by maintaining down the “prog” button and simultaneously pressing on the arrow going to the bottom or to the top until you find the correct program.

  5. Wait until the system reaches the 40°C needed to perform the test. Then “OK” should be displayed on the screen.

  6. Then you are ready to use the heatsensor duo

  7. This program involves an incubation step at 40°C then dipsticks fall automatically down into the wells for a migration again at 40°C.

  8. Once you have finished using this device, turn it off from the back of the device.

Technical Details

  • Model : APP032

  • Power supply : DC12V

  • Power : 15W

  • Temperature range : RT+5°C ~ 75°C

  • Timing range : 1 sec ~ 999 sec or 1 min ~ 999 min

  • Accuracy of the temperature : ≤± 0.5°C

  • Display accuracy : 0.1°C

  • Heating time (from 20 °C to 75 °C) : ≤5min

  • Ambient temperature : 5°C ~ 35°C

  • Dimensions (W×D×H) : 110mm×148mm×120mm

  • Weight : 0.5 kg