FumoSensor Quanti - KIT074

Quantitative Rapid Test Detecting Fumonisins In Maize And Animal Feed


FumoSensor Quanti is a rapid assay in dipstick format detecting quantitatively the contamination of Maize And Animal Feed samples by Fumonisins molecules


Fumosensor is a competitive test involving specific antibodies with high affinity for FUM molecules.

The test requires the use of two components : 

  • The first component is a microwell containing predetermined amount of antibody linked to gold particles.
  • The second is a dipstick made up of a set of membranes with specific capture lines.


  • Large Detection Range
    Quantitative Large Detection Range
  • Rapid
  • Adapted To Specific Regulations
    Sensitive Adapted To Specific Regulations
  • Easily Performed On Site Or In The Lab
    User-Friendly Easily Performed On Site Or In The Lab
  • Reliable And Robust
  • Cost-Effective

Good to know

Fumonisin is a toxic and carcinogenic mycotoxin produced in cereals due to fungal infection.

How to use

Test Procedure

Technical Details

Catalogue Reference : FumoSensor Quanti Cereals MRL 24 tests - KIT074