T2Sensor Quanti - KIT080

Quantitative Rapid Test Detecting T2/HT2 In Grains


T2Sensor Quanti is a rapid assay in dipstick format detecting quantitatively the contamination of Grains samples by T2/HT2 molecules.


T2sensor is a competitive test involving specific antibodies with high affinity for T2/HT2 molecules.

The test requires the use of two components : 

  • The first component is a microwell containing predetermined amount of antibody linked to gold particles.
  • The second is a dipstick made up of a set of membranes with specific capture lines.


For a valid test, the upper red control line has to be visible after the test. When the reagent from the microwell is re-suspended with a cereal extract, specific antibodies will bind the analytes if present. When the dipstick is dipped into the sample, the liquid starts running vertically on the dipstick and passes through capture zones. When the sample is free of T2/HT2, a colour development occurs at the “test” line, indicating the absence of T2/HT2 in the cereal. On the opposite, the presence of T2/HT2 in the sample will not cause the appearance of the coloured signal at the “test” capture line.


  • Large Detection Range
    Quantitative Large Detection Range
  • Rapid
  • Adapted To Specific Regulations
    Sensitive Adapted To Specific Regulations
  • Easily Performed On Site Or In The Lab
    User-Friendly Easily Performed On Site Or In The Lab
  • Reliable And Robust
  • Cost-Effective

Good to know

Extensive data now exist to indicate the global scale of contamination of cereal grains and animal feed with Fusarium mycotoxins (D'Mello and Macdonald, 1998). That includes T-2 toxin and HT-2 toxin.

How to use

The test can be used in-situ for daily controls or in laboratories for the analysis of series of samples.


Test Procedure

Technical Details

• Catalogue Name : T2Sensor Quanti Cereals MRL 24 tests - KIT080