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Detecting Aflatoxins

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Betalactams & Tetracyclines Detection In Milk

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Beta-lactams, Sulfonamides And Tetracyclines

Simultaneous Detection Of Drug Residues In Milk

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Simultaneous Screening Of Antibiotics

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TetraSensor - KIT008 - KIT009

TetraSensor - KIT008 - KIT009

KIT008/KIT009 - Room Temperature Rapid Test Detecting Tetracyclines In Honey

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We provide testing solutions for the analysis of raw ingredients transformed by the food processing industries.

With Unisensor products, you can detect contaminants in the following raw materials.

Dairy Cereal Honey


The detection of contaminants in food raw ingredients is of great concern for the industry because of the potential interfering, adverse effects or health concerns. Worldwide, State Authorities have consolidated the requirements for residue screening in raw materials. As an example, dairy producers should test their milk for antibiotics.

In order to answer these specific requirements, Unisensor has developed multiplex dipstick assays for the rapid and simultaneous detection of contaminants like :



Fast and accurate results require the use of instrumentation manufactured by Unisensor.

Extenso is the universal solution to detect all antibiotic residues and toxins in milk at once.

Readip is a lightweight and portable rapid test reader and the ultimate tool for the qualitative analysis of Unisensor



We define our products as technological breakthrough based on:

  • Dipstick : Based on several owned patents, all our dipstick tests are rapid, simple, reliable and also user-friendly. This technology shows va-rious color lines in relation to the contamination level found in the sample. Multiplexing is Unisensor
  • Flow Cytometry : New multiplexing and high throughput approach to detect the majority of residues in one single assay. Unisensor provides automatic solution to detect the main antibiotic compounds at concentrations relevant to industries and authorities.
  • New Technologies : In order to meet our challenges and mission, we have been developing technologies that will revolution the approach of food testing, being continuously inspired by highly technological sectors such as the medical diagnostic.

Flow Cytometry