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Unisensor supports healthcare workers fighting the Coronavirus epidemic

In this period of health crisis, the CHU of Liège launched an appeal for solidarity with the companies of the Region. Unisensor supports this initiative.

Apart from the availability of masks, suppliers are also short of other protective equipment for healthcare workers.

The CHU Logistics Center, based in Chênée, is the head of the largest network in the region and therefore helps out other hospitals: CHR Citadelle, CHR Verviers, CHR Huy, ISOSL, André Renard, CHBA.

This Thursday, we deposited in this logistics center, various equipment to support the nursing staff, already in high demand.

Among these equipments:

  • Protective glasses;
  • Protective disposable aprons;
  • Long cuff nitrile gloves;
  • FFP2 mask


Take care of yourself and take care of others.

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