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ReadSensor 2 - APP088

Ref : APP088

Unisensor's Rapid Test Reader

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156.00 mm


320.00 mm


195.00 mm


3.00 kg


READSENSOR 2 is a compact and full featured instrument designed to read results from all immunochromatographic dipstick tests manufactured by Unisensor.

It quantifies, interprets, and records test strip results.

Embedded Printer

Results can be printed with the use of the embedded printer. A small ticket will ensure a good traceability of all results.

Faster Results

Results display in 5 seconds: insert dipstick, select program and start reading.


  • Results can be displayed, printed, stored or transferred to USB upon request;
  • Compatibility with all test kits from Unisensor;
  • Wide touchscreen;
  • Operator Name and Product Lot number entry for increase traceability;
  • Auto-calibration with external Reference dipstick;
  • Automatic, motorized strip drawer.



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