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We have been one step ahead of innovation in food diagnostics for over 20 years.

Since 1997, Unisensor has specialized in diagnostic engineering applied to the agri-food and veterinary sectors.

Foods may contain dangerous agents or contaminants that affect people's health. So, many countries have established standards and methodologies for regulating food safety in order to better control risks.

We produce testing kits that our customers use to control the quality of the food they produce

Thanks to a strong growth and a global expansion, Unisensor has become a major player in the development of advanced technologies to better protect the consumers.

Where we come from

Our company comes from a research department at the University of Liège.

Benoît Granier, a PhD in Biochemistry, founded Unisensor just 20 years ago. We have never stopped innovating and developing rapid testing solutions for the food security, in order to meet consumer expectations.

Today, Unisensor employs more than 70 people in Liège. With a turnover of about 15 million euros per year.

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