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Research & Development

We anticipate the future needs of our customers by developing innovative, fast, easy-to-use, and now connected diagnostic tests. The best example is our milk test platform, named Extenso, which required 4 years of development. It is both an ultra-connected device and also a flexible diagnostic instrument.

Control of the productive process

The biggest challenge we face in producing our kits comes from the fact that we work with biological raw materials. The supply and mastery of these ingredients over the years are the most important parameters to manage to ensure the quality of what we manufacture. It's a key part of Unisensor's know-how.

Quality and validation of our products

Quality is not only the control of our productions, but also ensuring the validation process of our products at the end of their development: validation carried out internally but also in collaboration with reference laboratories. Most of our diagnostic tools are validated by independent organizations such as ILVO or AFNOR.

These validations cover the stability of our kits, reproducibility of manufacturing methods, and compliance with customer requirements.

Unisensor has been engaged for several years in a quality approach by implementing a quality management system based on ISO 9001:2015. Certification is one of our strategic objectives.

The role of our distributors

One of Unisensor's strenghts is the important network of distributors around the world. Which gives us a presence in more than 60 countries now. This important territorial coverage for the stability of our sales is also an inexhaustible source of new development opportunities.

Human resources

We provide our employees with the opportunity to learn and perform professionally. Our desire is to surround ourselves with committed and enterprising people to bring out concrete solutions that meet our expectations and those of our customers.

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