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The Universal Solution To Detect All Antibiotic Residues And Toxins In Milk At Once

Revolutionary Milk Analysis Platform
Milk Contaminants

Milk Contaminants

Some of our products detect individual compounds while the others allow simultaneous detection of all compounds from a single family of anitbiotics or from several families at a time.

Our Products For The Dairy Industry
Food Safety Diagnostics

Food Safety Diagnostics

Detect antibiotic residues, mycotoxins and food fraud in the dairy, cereal, honey, animal feed, meat and seafood industries.



Ensure Cereals & Grains Quality With A Rapid And Quantitative Method

Our Products For The Cereals Industry

Tests rapides pour la détection de contaminants dans l’industrie agro-alimentaire

Unisensor improves food safety with screening solutions to detect antibiotics, mycotoxins, food fraud in dairy, cereal, honey, feed, meat and seafood industries.

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Qui sommes nous?

Unisensor is a Belgian biotech company that helps to improve the quality and safety of food around the world by developing rapid testing solutions for the detection of contaminants in the agro-food industry.

En quoi sommes-nous différents?

We meet your needs with tailored products very simple to use and accessible to everybody. And with a responsive team ready to support you.

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Nos spécialités Améliorer
la sécurité alimentaire

Unisensor develops rapid, user-friendly and high-quality methods for multiplexing detection of different contaminants to guarantee the reliability of the food products supplied to you.

Notre savoir-faire Technologies
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Our products are based on technologies such as Dipstick, Flow Cytometry and New Technologies.

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