New Packaging


Dear Partner,

we are pleased to inform you about the update of our packaging. In the following weeks, you will notice some changes in our packaging layouts.


New Logo

Nowadays, the visual identity of a company vehicles an image, a reputation but also a recognition.

As you know, Unisensor's logo has been redesigned in order to bring more modernity. 


Updated Tube Labels 

With this new logo, all marketing and packaging materials have been updated, leading to a more harmonious visual identity. First, we have updated the layouts of the labels.


Updated Packaging

In order to refresh and also simplify our packaging, we have updated the layouts of the boxes : uniformisation of the product name font, logo update, and highlighting of the product color. 


Product Colors 

Each of our kits keeps its own specific color. 


We are sure that this new visual identity will reflect the avant-gardisme, the dynamism and the technological progress of our growing company. And we hope that you will like it!