ReadSensor 2 - APP088

Unisensor's Rapid Test Reader


READSENSOR® 2 is a handheld instrument designed to read results from all UNISENSOR test strips. 

It quantifies, interprets, and records test strip results.


APP088 – ReadSensor 2 reader is an innovative instrument for reading immunochromatographic dipstick tests manufactured by Unisensor. This reader can make rapid, high sensitivity and repeatability detection, avoiding reading mistake by eyes.


  • Large Detection Range
    Quantitative Large Detection Range
  • Rapid
  • Easily Performed On Site Or In The Lab
    User-Friendly Easily Performed On Site Or In The Lab
  • Reliable And Robust
  • Cost-Effective

Good to know

Results can be printed with the use of the embedded printer. A small ticket will ensure a good traceability of all results.

Results display in 5 seconds: Insert dipstick, select program and start reading.

How to use

Technical Details

  • Results can be displayed, printed, stored or transferred to USB upon request.
  • Compatibility with all test kits from Unisensor.
  • Wide touchscreen.
  • Operator Name and Product Lot number entry for increase traceability.
  • Auto-calibration with external Reference dipstick.
  • Automatic, motorized strip drawer.