CowSensor - KIT037

Room Temperature Rapid Test Detecting Extraneous Cow Milk


CowSensor is a rapid assay in dipstick format detecting extraneous cow milk levels as low as 0,2% to 0,5%, and it helps to avoid milk adulteration.


Cowsensor is a competitive assay.

The test requires the use of two elements provided in the kit.

  • The first element is a microwell containing the gold labelled specific antibody.
  • The second element is a dipstick consisting of a set of membranes where two capture lines are printed in green.


Drug Residue Test



  • Rapid
  • Adapted To Specific Regulations
    Sensitive Adapted To Specific Regulations
  • Easily Performed On Site Or In The Lab
    User-Friendly Easily Performed On Site Or In The Lab
  • Reliable And Robust
  • Cost-Effective
  • No Need To Heat
    Room Temperature No Need To Heat

Good to know

Sheep’s and goat’s Milks are much more expensive than cow’s milk, therefore it is not surprising that a producer could be tempted to dilute its goat or sheep’s milk with cow’s milk. This kind of behaviour could have deep impacts on the quality of derivative dairy products but can also provoke huge health problems to intolerant people to bovine proteins.

How to use

Test Procedure

Technical Details

  • Catalogue Name : CowSensor Milk <1% 96 tests - KIT037
  • The test can be used in-situ for daily controls or in laborato- ries for the analysis of series of milk samples.
  • This test does not require any sample processing, cleaning or extraction.