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MelamineSensor - KIT090

Ref : KIT090

Rapid test detecting the contamination of milk by Melamine.

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Melamine has been shown to be illegally added to dairy food products, to raise the apparent protein content (e.g. melamine crisis in China in 2008).

Milk Adulteration

This adulteration of milk with Melamine represents a huge risk for the human health and necessitates a strict monitoring. Rapid daily controls are therefore necessary, to comply, on one hand, with the MRLs fixed by the european commission, and on the other hand, to ensure the final quality of the milk to consumers.

Unisensor MelamineSensor kit will help you detect contaminated milk with Melamine, in just 5 minutes.

Milk Adulteration

Unisensor offers rapid testing solutions to fight food fraud, and in particular, we provide rapid assays detecting Melamine, Extraneous Cow Milk, and Extraneous Goat Milk adulteration, in milk samples.



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